About Us

Bryce and Kyle Holt wanted to get more involved in the art world. They began acquiring artwork from talented young artists like Madison Skriver, Rusul EmadCatlac, Yue Li, Focalis, and Britton Farrell.

However, they wanted to be more than just collectors. Bryce realized that he wanted to paint full-time. Kyle saw an opportunity to represent Bryce's art. But still...they wanted to be more than that.

As they explored the art world, they realized that their experience could be used to help important young artists connect with the right art galleries across the country. By connecting great emerging artists with the right galleries, it would give both the highest probability of long-term success.

Join us! No elitism or judgement – just fun, creativity, and a virtuous cycle of reciprocity.

You. Are. Invited.

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Who We Are

Bryce Holt

Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer
[email protected]

Bryce Holt has a varied career as a technology executive, entrepreneur, author, and artist.

Bryce paints full-time in his role with The Patrons. However, he still makes time to evaluate next-gen artists and galleries. 

As he turned his career focus toward the art world, Bryce wanted to do two things: to be a painter, and to help open doors for amazing young artists to fully live out their dream careers.

“There’s no finer life I can imagine than to be in the art world – whether it’s as a painter, a collector, on the business side, or just to be able to enjoy art. That I get to do all of those and help others achieve their dreams is a blessing.”

Kyle Holt

Co-Founder and Chief Advocacy Officer
[email protected]

Kyle Holt was a technology executive and entrepreneur before Bryce convinced him that the art community needed to be more accessible for young, talented artists. Kyle is responsible for bringing his sales and marketing experience to help match The Patrons' artists with the right galleries that will help grow their careers.

Kyle is passionate about finding the next generation of important artists and making sure they're connected with galleries that are ready, willing, and able to help launch and grow their careers.

“Many artists don't know how to find the right, first gallery for their work. For those that meet our rigid criteria, I don't just believe I can help them. I'm counting on it."