Bon Voyage


Size (h w d): 30 x 24 x .75 in
Medium: Oil On Canvas
Status: Sold

Our protagonist is leaving the comforts of home, and heading into a murky future. There’s no horizon, and she doesn’t know what awaits her. It's a delicate moment, and she has a delicate vehicle to take her there. She's prepared the best she can. She holds her plan for her future and her glasses to see the right path. But she's leaving solid ground behind.

Even her vehicle is prepared for whatever lies ahead. Wheels if it's solid ground, a boat for the water, but it's also made of paper, so it would be light enough to be carried by the wind. Rusul created this piece as she was graduating from art school, leaving the safety of school for the unknown.

At the bottom of the piece, the protagonist rides upon a poem written by Rusul: “Walking in the dark when there is no light. Just the light of an empty soul trying to find herself inside the unknown world.”

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