Bryce Holt

Why The Patrons Represents This Artist

While Bryce & Kyle were developing the concept for The Patrons, Bryce was also painting, and realized he wanted to make that a part of what they did. He was creating large pieces quickly with interesting content and a story behind each piece.

Bryce and Kyle realized he had the capacity to create hundreds or even thousands of thought-provoking pieces, if he focused. Since Kyle was already going to be talking to patrons, galleries, museums, and other art organizations, Kyle would represent his work.

Bryce’s portfolio is constantly growing, so the portfolio below is only a selection of his work. He typically adds 2 or 3 new large pieces each week, so contact us for a full portfolio of Bryce's work. You can also email him directly at [email protected] with any questions, thoughts, or insults.

And if you don’t like what Bryce created today…come back tomorrow.

Bryce Holt's Portfolio

About Bryce Holt

Bryce’s art is centered around two central tenets: 1) Art not only can but should be beautiful, and 2) Time is the most critical component of his art.

After looking at more than 10,000 young artists’ work, one thing became clear to him. Content is everything. The pieces that resonated with Bryce all had a story behind them. One that could be told on the canvas as well as in words.

Bryce made speed an imperative part of his work. Since he didn’t start painting until he was in his early-40’s, he knew time was not on his side. So he embraced it, committing himself to create 100+ large paintings every year, essentially as a diary of his thoughts and experiences.

Bryce made the decision to leave the corporate world and pursue painting (and The Patrons) full-time. “I’m both an artist and a patron,” says Bryce. “I collect art and I create it. It’s amazing to be able to paint each day, and to be surrounded by amazing patrons and amazing artists.”

For more information about Bryce's work, contact Kyle Holt at [email protected].

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