Size (h w d): 24 x 20 x .75 in
Medium: Oil On Masonite Board
Status: Available
Price: $2400

In the small lab, our protagonist has been experimenting with growth, and the four phases she’s seeking. Behind her, she has a seed receiving its first watering, the early growth with the hand offering help, then the flower of change beginning to burst forth, and finally the helpful hand and the flower of change both in full bloom.

She is a wooden doll, not the soft, weak creature others think she is. But she wants the flesh and fullness of life, so she’s opened herself up and has placed and water the seeds, to grow the goodness she wants inside. In the background, the protagonist’s wise owl, full of logic and reason, looks on and sends her birds to attend. Through the hole in the wall, the protagonist’s uncertainty looks on hopefully, as she’s lit a lamp to find her way out of her doubt.

We also see that when we help ourselves, we can unintentionally help those around us too. Some runoff from her work has trickled down to what appeared to be a ghost of a tree. Just that little bit of water has brought forth a new leaf. Given time and care, the gardener and the tree can find completeness.

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