Size (h w d): 30 x 20 x 1.5 in
Medium: Oil On Wood Board
Status: Available
Price: $2600

“In my culture, in Iraq,” Rusul explains, “if we see a pair of open scissors, we see it as open mouths gossiping about us. So my mother would always say, ‘Close those scissors. We don’t need anyone talking about us.’”

In “Gossip,” the protagonist is the subject of her neighbor’s gossip. Whatever she did or didn’t do, everyone’s talking. The books on each doorstep are the stories being told, and they are being sewn together, forming a cocoon around her, and soon the rumors will be the only thing people see about her.

The needles and thread are hard at work, while the occupants of the houses only peek out, not wanting to put their name on which part of the rumors they’ve participated in – whether real, false, or embellished.

At her feet, even the flowers have eyes to see and mouths to spread the hearsay. Look at the protagonist, and you’ll see she’s not trying to fight the rumors. She is going to ignore the naysayers and wear the scandal, but it clearly still bothers and affects her. She has only one thing she can do…to close those scissors.

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