Rusul Emad

Why The Patrons Represents This Artist

Take a moment to read about the symbolism within each of Rusul's pieces and you'll understand. It's not just visually beautiful. When understood, the enjoyment of her work gets deeper. Psychologically and spiritually.

“Rusul’s work is so universal in its scope,” says Bryce. “When I first saw her work, I knew I was looking at a superstar. Each piece is beautiful on its own, but then she started telling us the stories within each painting, and how each symbol ties the story together. It’s awe inspiring.”

“Exactly!” adds Kyle. “I think of The Hallucinogenic Toreador by Salvador Dali. It’s beautiful on its own, but when you explore each component of the piece, it becomes something so much more. That’s literally every single piece that Rusul does. The whole world needs to see her work."

Rusul Emad's Portfolio

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About Rusul Emad

Born in Baghdad, Iraq, Rusul spent much of her life as a refugee on the move throughout the world in search of a better life, her dreams serving as an escape from the harsh realities of life as a guest in a foreign country. After trials in engineering, science and design, Rusul found her life's passion - starting from simple doodling of daydreams in class as a child, culminating to an expressive desire to share her story with the world. Her paintings are a labor of love, and almost always spring from a vision brewing within a deep sleep, often waking her into a frenzied painting spree.

Rusul is a storyteller who focuses on the vivid expression of dreams by using symbolism, specifically focused on the struggles of life, hope, success and failure. She constantly challenges herself to produce work that is both expressive and emotional. Rusul’s work aspires to be a mirror of emotions, using different characters or creatures that often come in her dreams. Her form of symbolism seeks to create a magical environment that excites the viewer’s imagination, while addressing universal emotions that resonate in all of us. Rusul appreciates antiquity in all forms and frequently marries eastern and western cultural concepts to bridge divides within her dreamscapes.

For more information about Rusul’s work, contact Kyle Holt at [email protected].

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