Size (h w d): 60 x 48 x 1.5 in
Medium: Oil On Canvas
Status: Available
Price: $14700

In the dreamland, when the two moons cross each other, the man in the distant tower will blow the horn, summoning the people, animals, and creatures to come and memorialize their vow.

The prince of the animals has asked our protagonist to help guide their candles into the river, so that their prayers and promises can be carried onward. All of the animals are prepared, except the black swan. She has found the lost key to the protagonist’s heart, and will unlock the keyholes in her chest.

Our protagonist has a little helper in her hat that is holding onto time itself. Our protagonist’s candle has burned low, because she has prayed her vow for so long. Her candle cries a waxy tear onto the flower, which blooms forth with her heart’s faithfulness. Nearby two holy creatures sing their psalms and prayers for all citizens.

In the upper right window, a lonely, empty soul, neither dead nor alive, has been awakened by the monkeys fighting over the key to the city. Is there still time for him to make a vow and have his soul restored? The lady in red watches the celebration, alone, as she waits for her prayer to be answered. In the empty room, even the curtains come to life, a couple making their vows to each other. And in the last window, a man who has lost his lover has lit candles for both his vow and hers.

Even in the dark, the warm palette reminds us that our vows are sacred, the celebration of a promise.

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